Self Service BI

  • Search Engine-driven Analytics Accelerator
  • Explore data, generate hypothesis, identify root causes, solve problems and achieve stellar performance
  • Platform for descriptive and exploratory analysis – a precursor to predictive analytics.
  • Fetch information across databases to bring forward top influencers

Classic BI – Marginal Impact

Self Service BI – Significant Impact

Requirements > Query > Data Data > Hypothesis > Top Influencers
Reporting, ad hoc queries, and OLAP tools work best when one knows the exact business question “Search and Explore” addresses the I-don’t-know-what-I-don’t-know dilemma
Time Lag between Requirement Formulation & Fulfilment Zero Time Lag; Spontaneous Requirement Formulation & Fulfilment
Few Predictive Analytics Rapid Predictive Analytics
Reporting Orientation Problem-Solving Orientation
Performance  Measurement Root Cause /Iterative Analysis
Trend Formulation Hypothesis Formulation

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